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I'm a decorated anti-fascist United States Navy veteran who served as a fully-qualified nuclear reactor operator and ships diver aboard the USS Houston (SSN-713). In my tech career I've worked for Google as a Field Tech, SysOp, and SRE from 2006 through 2014, then at ExtraHop in 2018. I've provided direct support (both technical & general volunteering) to the Socialist Alternative organization, along with several other radical lefty groups focused on various aspects of civil and human rights (ask me about it over a drink sometime!)

I've driven an electric car for-hire with SideCar (RIP) and a BioDiesel VW Jetta with Lyft giving thousands of people their first experience of riding #FossilFree. I also participated in the BC2BC electric vehicle rally (among other EV rallies).

You can find me on Twitter and keybase.io, or possibly at the gun range putting rounds on target with a fierce zeal.
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