He who lives in a house of glass...

Hello there!

I'm Lee Colleton, this is my website.

You can find most of my writing on Google+ (If you work at Google you'll be able to see my account there)
I'm also a fairly active user of Twitter. I have a Facebook account to prevent impostors even though their privacy practices are atrocious.

I've helped to found the Seattle Privacy coalition and take an interest in local politics, technology and activism.

A semi-random list of links:
http://pluginday.org/ in Wenatchee and Bellevue (latter listed as Seattle)

On 2013-11-18 I spoke at the Seattle TechnoActivism 3rd Mondays meeting on the use of Tor in various modes. See my notes from the demonstration.

I was on the cover of the Seattle Times along with Phil Mocek regarding local police surveillance which generated a bit of related coverage:
KIRO FM story by Jason Rantz

MyNorthwest story about "irony" of wearing Glass while protesting police surveillance

I'll be speaking at the next TA3M held in September about surveillance and sousveillance.

I have no relationship of which I'm aware to Colleton County, South Carolina.