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I was born when global atmospheric carbon-dioxide levels were at 335 ppm.

I'm a decorated anti-fascist United States Navy veteran who served as a fully-qualified nuclear reactor operator and ships diver aboard the USS Houston (SSN-713). In my tech career I've worked for Google as a Field Tech, SysOp, and SRE from 2006 through 2014, then at ExtraHop in 2018. I've provided direct support (both technical & general volunteering) to the Socialist Alternative organization, along with several other radical lefty groups focused on various aspects of civil and human rights (ask me about it over a drink sometime!)

I've driven plug-in hybrid and fully electric cars on long-distance rallies, also for-hire with SideCar and Lyft. I’m passionate about the Climate Crisis we all face and how to move forward, taking action in a just and equitable manner for all.

You can find me on Twitter and keybase.io 
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